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If you are looking for something different then look no further. Funny Faces offers a variety of face painting entertainment for store openings and promotions, parties, gala days and community events. Funny Faces Painting goes one step further, offering a style and quality of face painting and body art that is not just out of the ordinary… it is, extraordinary! Funny Faces was established by Anne Hamilton Black in 2009, after working with other established painters for nearly 2 years, Anne decided to bring her own touch to the facepainting business alone.

Anne has personally proven that face painting is not just for kids. Specializing in face and body art for teenagers and adults, Anne’s services are in high demand for what might be the most surprising of events. Being the mother of a 6 year old and being a creative person at heart, Funny Faces unites both my passions, art and making children happy.

Amongst the private events that Anne has been asked to cater for are 21st, 30th, 40th 50th and even 60th birthday parties, weddings, Christenings, Communions and birthday parties, and even evenings at various rugby clubs! Anne also enjoys painting adults and she has an uncanny ability to bring the simplest of fancy dress costumes to life and to bring a smile to ever face. Corporate events can be anything from a day open to the public to promote a charity, business or event, Annes other coprporate work includes events at night clubs, private fancy dress parties, promotional body painting for a product, anything is possible. With children’s parties, each child is made to feel like they are going through a magical process and are always amazed by their transformation when they see themselves in the mirror.

Their parents are likewise amazed at the quality of the work and the paints ability to customise the design n to the child’s face and personality. Funny Faces’ hygiene standards are above and beyond the industry standards. If you see a face-painter at work that is using dirty water, equipment or paints, they are risking the health and safety of their clients. We believe that you deserve the kind of hygiene we would require ourselves. Funny Faces staff always carry their Public Liability Insurance documents and are happy for you to inspect them. Every product used by funny Faces is FDA or EC compliant and are professional facepainting products, water-based and safe.

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