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Halloween games for Adults & Kids!

Bobbing for Apples A classic game for all ages, really. This Halloween favorite may not be adored by anyone with excess Halloween face makeup, but everyone else should have a blast. Using a large metal basin tub or a plastic kiddie pool, you’ll want to play either outdoors or somewhere you don’t mind the floor getting wet. Add your water and your apples and
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Health and Safety

If you see a face painter at work and they have dirty water/equipment/paints,  glass mirrors and use sponges for more than one person etc, they are risking the health & safety of their customers. Children deserve the kind of hygine you would require yourself. Infections could be passed from customer to customer without safe working practices. You should never allow a painter to use
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Sucessful Birthday Parties for under 8’s

The key for a successful birthday party for young children is to keep it simple. You don’t need to slave over every detail like you may think. Kids that are five, six, and seven years old are mostly interested in having fun and playing with their friends. It won’t matter if your house isn’t perfectly decorated or if you don’t have an all-out “bash.”
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Facebook Timeline Tips

We didnt want it but its here to stay (till the next change…) If you don’t already know, Facebook is changing all profiles to the timeline format on March 30th. We are taking this opportunity to give the Funny Faces Facebook pages a facelift to make them even more appealing for our fans. Though this change can be a bit intimidating at first, we want to
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