Sucessful Birthday Parties for under 8’s

kids partyThe key for a successful birthday party for young children is to keep it simple. You don’t need to slave over every detail like you may think. Kids that are five, six, and seven years old are mostly interested in having fun and playing with their friends.

It won’t matter if your house isn’t perfectly decorated or if you don’t have an all-out “bash.” There can be too much of a good thing sometimes!

Below you’ll find some great birthday party ideas for keeping your time fun and stress free.

The first few years of primary school are special.

During this time, your child will begin to develop their first consistent friendships. He or she may want to invite everyone they have ever played with. However, think twice about inviting your child’s entire class….ive been there done it several times, my little boy is 7 now and still hasnt the heart to not invite someone to his parties so his parties have been as big as 40 before!!! Its scary believe me!

Everything is a trade-off.

Does your child want to have a “bigger experience” with fewer chances to spend time with each individual? Or do they want a close-knit experience with more time to spend with each guest? If you have many of parents available for supervision, a large party may be feasible. It can certainly be exciting to have a large party.

However, also consider a smaller gathering of special friends. This allows for more options with your budget, location, food, and activities.

You may be able to take a smaller group to a place you couldn’t afford with a larger group. Does your child have a tight bunch of friends? Your child may end up spending the most time with the same small group of friends regardless of the size of the party.

Kids aged five through seven can handle a little more time together before they wear out. Keep your party between 1 ½ – 2 hours. If your party is small, you might away with extra play time after the official party activities end.

Kids who are in early primary school are usually comfortable going to different venues for a party. You can go simple by using your garden or kitchen, or you can rent a social hall in your area, like rugby clubs, Gaa, and some comunity centres or scout dens, and if your child is a member, even better you might get a discount! Young kids  and even older boys are still interested in the kind of active free-play they can do in these places.

You will also need to think about a few things before deciding on your location. Would you rather spend a little money on a separate place to avoid the extra cleaning and work in your house? Or do you have plenty of space and help to take care of the work in your home? This can make a big difference for your stress will you going to have time to take pictures? Or would you prefer to have your house as the backdrop of your child’s party memories?

There is really no right or wrong answer to any of the questions posed, It is simply a matter of options. What would be the most enjoyable for everyone involved (including you)? Birthday party ideas are endless for kids at age five, six, and seven. Make it a time to remember and enjoy for all, including you!!!

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