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If you see a face painter at work and they have dirty water/equipment/paints,  glass mirrors and use sponges for more than one person etc, they are risking the health & safety of their customers. Children deserve the kind of hygine you would require yourself.

Infections could be passed from customer to customer without safe working practices. You should never allow a painter to use a sponge if it has been used on others and not given a hot machine wash in-between, or allow them to use other than fresh clean water.

Every product used by us are professional water based face painting  products and glitters.

Face paints used by us have anti-bacterial properties and are specifically for use on the face and skin. Face paints are easily removed with face cloth and soap/water. We recommend your normal brand of soap/water. Some skin can react to baby wipes and may cause some colours to linger too.

  • Some colours (usually green and blue) may linger on the skin depending on the skin type.
  • Face paint is a sun block, you may get a tan line where the paint has been if outside on a hot sunny day
  • Face painters should not paint anyone who does not want to be painted. (This may mean stopping half way through if a child changes their mind!)
  • We only paint children with parental consent.
  • We work to a disclaimer that is always on display. To see a copy click HERE

Children generally enjoy having their faces painted and experience has shown that it is more relaxing and enjoyable for them in a safe environment.

Children should therefore be well supervised (by a responsible adult) and not left unattended whilst they are waiting, to avoid disruption.

Children (and their actions) remain the responsibility of their parents or party organisers at all times.


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